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We represent consumers adversely affected by corporations and attain substantial outcomes shaping the consumer experience nationwide.

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We are driven by the proverbial “David & Goliath” story and operate upon the principle of equality before the law. Everyone, at every level, must be held accountable. Our class action practice demystifies the legal landscape, enabling our clients to enforce their rights as individuals or class representatives.

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Who We Are​

Protecting the Public is the Cornerstone of Our Practice

GR Firm is a public interest law firm that was founded in 2020. Our team consists of experienced trial lawyers, paralegals, law clerks, and litigation support specialists who examine each case through the lens of the general consumer. We hold big companies accountable for breaches of the law, preventing them from taking advantage of you and the public at large.

At GR Firm, success means more than merely acquiring checks and refunds for plaintiffs. Our practice upholds fair competition, trust in advertising, online privacy, and the general safety, financial security, and well-being of countless consumers nationwide.

We pursue justice tirelessly. Sharing a deep commitment to the cause, we earnestly take on powerful adversaries in order to achieve fair outcomes for the plaintiffs involved.


Our team of experts are highly skilled in technical cases, enabling us to conduct investigations in-house. We form strategic partnerships with larger co-counsel firms when a matter calls for brute force.


We have a track record of achieving successful outcomes for our clients. Since our inception, we have achieved a nationwide settlement with a Goliath mortgage servicer. In 2023, we are on track to settle 3 more nationwide cases.


Other Areas of Practice

Corporate Law

There is a common misconception that lawyers can only be successful at either litigation or transactional matters, but not both. Nothing is further from the truth. The relationship between litigation and corporate law is symbiotic: knowing how to unravel corporate agreements and disclosures allows us to anticipate and prevent pitfalls that most transactional attorneys often miss. Our expertise in class action litigation helps us make airtight deals that are less likely to cause uncertainty and disputes. Contact us for a consultation if you believe your business may be susceptible to a class action lawsuit.

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Not often do I review because it’s not often my experience is positive. Can’t recommend GR Firm enough. Sound judgment, great communication — when you need them, they’re there, speak with precision, without tiresome overexplaining. The partners laid out all the possible outcomes — in our case it was positive. In light of our win, was expecting inflation on the final bill. To my surprise, it was entirely fair. They outperformed my longtime advocate mainly because they do the work, a lot of it, and want the win.

Daniel K. CEO @ BonusLife Studios

I had a wonderful experience with GR Firm. The communication was second to none. The pricing was fair and transparent. They did my terms of service, and provided due diligence on the way I should conduct my business. I can’t recommend them highly enough.

Marina R. President @ImmuPrint Medical

GR Law has been a key player in our rapid expansion as an industry leader in the field of property tech software. GR Law’s attention to detail helped us successfully navigate complex state and federal regulations, including negotiations with state legislators who are interested in implementing our software statewide. We are extremely satisfied with GR Law’s legal counsel and their help in drafting sophisticated employment and software licensing agreements. We highly recommend working with GR Law and look forward to a continued business relationship.

Carlos G. CEO @ ONR App

GR Law has been a key player in our rapid expansion as an industry leader in the field of property tech software.

Carlos G. CEO @ ONR App

Really appreciated GR Law attorneys' help in resolving a financial securities dispute. They provided comprehensive legal research and analysis. Although we ended up not filing suit, we likely saved in the longterm.

Yossi L. Fund Manager @ Darling Capital

Really appreciated GR Law attorneys' help in resolving a financial securities dispute.

Yossi L. Fund Manager @ Darling Capital

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our attorneys are available to answer your questions.

We are a consumer protection class action firm that investigates and prosecutes corporate malfeasance and obtains tangible results that affect consumers nationwide.

If you’ve experienced a problem with a company, we can help you recover your losses and receive a substantial monetary settlement for stepping up to represent countless others.

We investigate companies and consumer complaints free of charge. We will only be compensated if you settle or win.

Once you become our client, we will notify the opposing party of their violations of the law and work diligently to find an amicable resolution with the company’s counsel. If an agreement cannot be reached, a formal complaint will be filed and the court will aid in an evaluation of the case or a compromise.

If you have been aggrieved by a company’s practices and prefer that we do not initiate a formal investigation, email your story to

View one of our open cases to begin the claim process. Sign up takes no more than 2 minutes.

If your case qualifies for investigation, we will request supporting documentation from you (if applicable). All information shared with us is strictly confidential.

Our representation begins once you sign a retainer agreement that confirms that GR Firm will represent you. We do not accept any payments upfront. We only ask for your cooperation through the process.

Please note that investigations, negotiations, and litigation can take time. Please be patient as the process unfolds. We will keep you informed of all developments.

Please be advised, this content is for your information only and is not intended to be construed as legal advice. We are not your lawyers until you sign the retainer agreement with us.

No. However, any case may reach the stage of discovery – the process through which the parties exchange information that may be helpful to prove their claims or defenses. You may be asked to partake in a deposition, where your experience with a particular product or service will be questioned. We strive to make the process as simple as possible and we will work around your availability.

Class action lawsuits allow individuals who have been harmed by a product or entity to partake in a joint lawsuit against the company in question. This enables the parties to be compensated without having to file their own lawsuits.