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GR Firm launches a class action lawsuit against Blendjet, Inc.

GR FIRM LAUNCHES A CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT AGAINST BLENDJET, INC. On September 6, 2023, GR Firm took a significant legal stride by launching a class action lawsuit against BlendJet, Inc., igniting a firestorm of controversy surrounding the company’s portable blender products. Filed under the caption Figueroa et al. v. BlendJet, Inc. (7:23-cv-07911 S.D.N.Y.), this lawsuit […]

GR Firm prevails on a motion to dismiss against Walgreen, Co.

GR FIRM PREVAILS ON A MOTION TO DISMISS AGAINST WALGREEN, CO. GR Firm Prevails on a Motion to Dismiss against Walgreen, Co. GR Firm is proud to announce that we prevailed on a class action motion to dismiss (MTD) against Walgreens, which is the biggest supplier of the defective lidocaine patches at issue in the […]

GR Firm files a putative class action against Dakota Nutrition

GR FIRM FILES A PUTATIVE CLASS ACTION AGAINST DAKOTA NUTRITION GR Firm filed a putative class action against Dakota Nutrition in the Eastern District of new York captioned: Christodoulou v. PS GLobal, LLC. The case concerns the defendant’s elderberry supplements which were determined by the BBB to contain a de minimis amount of the claimed […]